Puffles of Club Penguin

       The puffles are small furry creatures that inhabit Club Penguin. Puffles were discovered in November 2005. There was a contest in November when the puffles were discovered to find out what was the best name for the creatures. The best name was "Puffles." So, Club Penguin made it so. From that day on more puffles have been showing up. You are able to purchase puffles in the Pet Shop, in the Plaza. Puffles are 800 coins each. When you buy a puffle it sends you a letter and the puffle is in your igloo. But you have to take care of the puffle, if you don't it will get sad and run away. The best way to get there health and everything up 100%. is by giving them a bath then pet food. You are able to buy furniture for your puffles. But the furniture served as only decoration until February 13, 2009, after that day puffles were able to use their furniture. Puffles have many different colors, each different colored puffle has a different type of skill and emotion. For example the white puffle is very shy and the orange puffle is very outgoing. There are currently 9 Different Colors of puffles available. Rumors are said that in 2011 a Brown Puffle will be released. Penguins don't know for sure but it can happen. You can see how the original puffle designs looks like here: Puffle Designs!!!


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