The CP Mascots or Famous Penguins are the penguins that represent Club Penguin. These penguins are found around the island only on special occasions such as the Music Jam. Not only do these penguins do a huge part on the club penguins story
line, when you find them you get a special background! When the special occasion that there's a famous penguin on Club Penguin, penguins go crazy to find them! Famous penguins are hidden on a server on Club
Penguin, they stay in that server a for a little ammount of time so get their background fast before they leave! Also famous people are on foreign servers, so if your like me you got ot the langugage that
 has the least ammount of servers (Francais aka French) and I search the servers there, the only problem is you don't understand what the penguin says! Unless you speak French or have a handy translator out.
 ;-) Anyway that's pretty mucha ll I have to say about CP Mascots you can click on the names of them for comment trackers, a chat to talk with people who are also looking for that mascot, or just for info about the penguin!


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