On November 6th 2008 the Dojo of CP was destroyed by lightning due to the halloween party. Then a mystery shoveler appeared to shovel out the snow out of the dojo. Around November 10th the dojo started being halfway done. You were alowed to go inside at the time, but it was through a hole on the roof.  Around November 14th the dojo was dug out enough to go through the doors. This is how the dojo looked like at that time: Click Here!  And at November 17th everything came to the way the dojo looks like now. That is the story about the regular card jitsu. Read More About Card Jitsu (Regular) Such as Info on how to play here: Card Jitsu Regular Info

And there's also Card Jitsu Fire! In November the sky in Club Penguin turned orange, and the penguins gathered "fiery things" for Sensei. Later the Volcano openned at Card Jitsu Fire was released! Card Jitsu Fire is different from card jitsu and it's 4 Player! Card Jitsu Fire was a hit! Also I noticed that Card Jitsu was released in November and so was Card Jitsu fire. So, Card Jitsu Water must come out in November also, and Card Jitsu Ice too! Read More About Card Jitsu Fire here: Card Jitsu Fire Info

Card-Jitsu Water is probably coming out in November 2010. And a guess will be that the Water Dojo will be behind a waterfall. Club Penguiness currently doesn't have anymore information about this.

Card-Jitsu Snow is probably coming out in November 2011. Club Penguiness doesn't have anymore information about this.


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